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Rock Skills

Locations - 

Hartland area



This course is for those who want to learn some of the skills involved in making your own climbing adventures. This course can be tailored to your needs, most people like this course to look at building top ropes for family days out or to gain the skills to become an effective 'second' to join lead climbers outside.

This course will look at:

- Venue & route selection

- Using the guidebook(s)

- Rope management

- Equipment (selection/use/care)

- Setups

- Problem solving & avoidance

- Safety

- Environmental considerations

You'll need-

     -Stout footwear

     -Suitable clothing for the weather e.g.                                                                  sunhat/waterproofs

     -A keen spirit for some adventure

You'll be supplied with-

  • All necessary safety equipment

  • A detailed itinerary prior to the day

  • An experienced instructor with expert knowledge

Contact us to discuss your requirements

£120 up to 2 people

£40 extra per person (up to 4 people)

Rock Skills

Hill Skills & Training

Want to learn the skills to go it alone, just let me know what you need. Below are a few ideas;

  • Navigation

  • Night Navigation

  • Equipment management

  • Route planning & choice

  • Risk assessing

  • Expedition skills (cooking/camping/ ETC)

  • Emergency Procedures



Contact us to discuss your requirements

£150 for up to 3 people

£30 per extra person (up to 8 people)

Hill Skills & Training
Brean crag pic wide.jpeg

Learn to Lead Sport

Chudleigh (South East Devon)

Portland (Dorset)

Cheddar (Somerset) 

What is sport climbing?

Sport climbing is very similar to indoor climbing in that you will find anchor points bolted or glued into the rock to which you will attach the rope using quickdraws. like indoors you will lower to the ground after your climb although using a slightly different method to the gym.

Would you like transfer your skills from the climbing gym to the real thing? Have you been climbing outdoors for a while but are keen to take the step to leading? This course is for you.

This is a 1 day course that will cover the skills needed to get you moving on the rock with a focus to leading. 

You'll need-

     -Your own harness/rock shoes

     -Stout footwear

     -Suitable clothing for the weather e.g.                                                       sunhat/waterproofs

     -A keen spirit for some adventure

You'll be supplied with-

  • All necessary safety equipment 

  • Ropes

  • Helmets

  • Guidebooks

  • An experienced instructor with outstanding knowledge

  • personalised action plans at the end of the day

  • A money off voucher should you wish to book a second session

- Minimum participants age of 12
- Sessions are typically  4-6 hrs  
- All equipment provided

£80 per person

up t0 4 participants

Learn to Lead Sport

Learn to Lead Trad

What is 'Trad' Climbing?


Trad Climbing is the traditional form of climbing and is the main focus within the UK. With this style of climbing the leader will typically place removable protection in cracks on the rock and attach the rope to these to protect themselves in the event of a fall. Unlike indoor climbing once at the top, the leader will create an anchor point to bring the second climber up to. 


The Course will give you information needed to make the step to leading traditional climbing routes. This course can include (but not limited too): equipment selection, venue choice, guidebook use/interpretation, 'racking a harness', placing effective protection, belaying, building anchors, retreat from a route, retrieving equipment.

A one day course will scratch the surface of the skills needed. A 2 day course will give a good in-depth knowledge of skills to go away and practice.

You'll need-

     - Climbing shoes

     - A suitable harness (please ask if unsure) 

     - Your own 'Rack' (should you own one)

     - Suitable clothing for the weather e.g.                                                       sunhat/waterproofs

     - Food and Drink

     - A rucksack for carrying equipment to and from the             crag

You'll be supplied with-

  • All necessary safety equipment 

  • Helmets (if you do not have your own)

  • A Climbing rack

  • Rope(s)

  • A variety of conditions and ideas to give a greater depth of knowledge


- Sessions are typically  4-6 hrs  
- All equipment provided excl. footwear

£80 per person 

up to 2 people

josh on levitation.jpg

Locations - 

Irish Man's Wall (belstone)

Valley of Rocks (Lynton)

Learn to Lead Trad
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