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Intro session
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Intro sessions

New to Climbing? learn the basics here. This session you will have all the information you need from a qualified and experience instructor.


These sessions will focus on

  • Fitting harnesses

  • Using the ropes

  • Basics of belaying

  • Movement on the wall

  • & most of all FUN!

Session time: 1.5hr

Minimum age: 5years old

Cost: £10 per person

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Have you tried and enjoyed climbing but would like to climb better, longer & harder.

Progress your climbing to the next level, achieve your goals through structured and personalised development sessions.

These sessions will focus on

  • Better belaying

  • Improved rope use

  • Growing awareness 

  • Developing better climbing skill

Session Time: 1.5hr

Minimum age: 9years old

Cost: £12.50 per person

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Climbers Clubs

The Climbing clubs are designed to get local young people involved with this great sport. 

These sessions are run as an open group & are focused on getting as much climbing done as possible.

These sessions will focus on

  • Introduction to the excitement of climbing

  • Developing climbing techniques

  • Learning new skills

  • FUN!

Session time: 1hr

Minimum Age: 5years old

Cost: £6 per person


The Tower has a 7.5meter wall nestled within the tower of the Holy Trinity Church in Barnstaple. Just a short walk from the bus station & with on site parking.

NICAS For School Groups

What is the NICAS award?  

The National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme (NICAS) is a UK wide scheme designed to promote climbing development and accredit individual achievement on artificial climbing structures. It is open to all candidates aged 7 and upwards.

What will participants learn?

  • How to fit their own harness and helmet 

  • Safely tying in to a rope

  • How to belay for a climbing partner

  • How to lower a climbing partner

  • Warm ups

  • Climbing technique and movement

  • Climbing grades and how to choose the right climb for them

NICAS and the Curriculum 

NICAS is designed to meet the needs of pupils and schools by addressing the principles of Curriculum and many outcomes in Health and Wellbeing, Social Studies and Literacy. The approach to the curriculum design and meeting pupils’ needs is holistic, allowing five capacities to be addressed throughout the award.

  • Breadth is added to the school’s curriculum by using NICAS to experience learning out of the classroom. Programme design and framework uses NICAS to deliver a challenging and enjoyable learning experience.

  • Depth is achieved through collaboration between the school and the NICAS awarding centre by taking learning objectives addressed in the classroom situation into a new environment. This enables children to experience learning in real contexts.

  • Coherence is achieved in the programme design, through awarding centre staff encouraging and supporting pupils to see links between different curriculum areas and the outdoor environment they are experiencing.

  • Relevance is demonstrated by enabling the children to apply the links between curricular subjects and the climbing environment.

  • Affinity to the outdoors is created through association of enjoyable experiences leading to use of outdoor areas.

NICAS flyer schools.jpg

Locations - 

The Tower Barnstaple 

NICAS Schools
Learn to Lead
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This course is for climbers that are competent top roping and 
top rope belaying, but are now looking to progress their climbing
to the next level. Also those that want to start learning the skills to lead climb indoors.
- Minimum  participant age 10  
- Sessions last 1.5-2 hrs
- Participants should have their own equipment                      (harness/shoes/metal work)
- Must be climbing at grade 5 to maximise this course.

Locations - 

Pilton Climbing Wall (Sessions currently unavailable)

£60 up to 2 people

£25 per extra people (up to 4 people)

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